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DVD Transcription, Video Transcription, Digital Video Transcripts

As of January 1, 2009, VHS is considered a 'dead format', if at all possible, please submit DVD dubs instead or directly upload a digital video file.

We can transcribe from your DVDs, VHSs or digital video at no additional cost.

To see our prices you must select one of the Transcription Services to the left.

If you have miniDV or DVCAM see our DVCAM Format and DVD Duplication area

We do not transcribe directly from 3/4", Beta-SP, or D-Beta. Please send us only duplicates of your master tapes on DVD or as a digital video file.

We can not transcribe "Interactive DVDs," only DVDs that are essentially just video footage or 'straight play'. We consider an Interactive DVD to be one which would require us to navigate extensively to get to the video that needs to be transcribed. Example: a training DVD that is designed for branching as opposed to straight play through.

DVD Duplication Guidelines

DVD should only be created in 2-hour per disc mode. DVDs should play from beginning to end with no need to navigate chapters or titles. Creating DVDs with chapters, titles or using a format other than DVD-R will delay your order.

VHS or DVDs submitted in SLP (super long play) modes are subject to an additional charge. Orders requesting timecoding from SLP tapes or DVDs will be bill an additional $0.33 per minute to offset the additional time it takes to transcribe and timecode from SLP/EP tapes/DVDs.

For more info see our duplication guidelines

Timecoded (time coded) Transcripts

We can produced timecoded transcripts from the following formats:

  • DVD with visible TC window burn. (BITC)
  • Digital Video File with visible TC window overlay.
  • Audio file with audible SMPTE timecode encoded on one of the audio channels.
  • Timecode Metadata on certain digital files such as MOV, BWF, or Sound Devices MP3 with ID3 tag data.

See this link for more information regarding time coded transcripts.

Important Duplication Information

See our Duplication Tutorial for more details.