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Transcription from MP3, WAV, WMA,etc.

We can accept a wide variety of digital formats for transcription. You can either upload them directly to our server or burn them onto a CD-R and send them in.

The large advantage of digital files is the ability to upload them to our server. This will save you both time and money.

Upload only what you want transcribed

It's best if you upload only the exact piece of material you want transcribed.

For example: If there are 20 minutes on a 60-minute file you want transcribed, it is preferable to upload a 20-minute file of just the exact piece you need instead of uploading the 60-minute file and then telling us your IN and OUT points.

If you elect to upload a larger file and provide IN and OUT points, please keep in mind that we will most likely add a little cushion (30 seconds) to each side to make sure all the audio your are requesting is transcribed.

Please allow additional turnaround time if you request us to edit your file for you.

Preferred Format

Our minimum recording sample rate for Type-1 audio is 22khz. In practice it should be either 44.1khz or 48hz. It is important that the original recording be done at the higher sample rate, simply converting a 16khz file to 48khz after the fact does not impove the quality of the recording.

Our preferred format for digital audio files is MP3 using the following specifications. See our MP3 conversion Tutorial if needed.

  • Stereo Channel
  • 128 kbit/second data rate
  • 44.1 khz sample/frequency per second
  • Not more than 60 minutes per file if possible. (e.g.: if you have 120 minutes, split it into 2 files.)

Please name your file in some unique way but with a name not longer than 25 characters. For example: File_1.mp3, File_2.mp3 or bob_smith.mp3, jane_doe.mp3, etc. (Use an underscore "_" instead of spaces " " if possible.)

Once you have your files use our 'Easy Upload' to drag and drop your files onto our server. This is found in our secure client area.

To begin the process you must first sign up for an account. After you receive you login and password, login to the secure client area. A Java Application will start and ask permission to run. Grant it permission to proceed.

Additional Format List

All digital files must be 'downloadable'. We do not transcribe directly from web pages or via 'streaming' media files.

  • MP3 Transcription
  • WAV Transcription
  • AIFF Transcription
  • Windows Media Transcription
  • WMV and WMA Transcription
  • DSS Transcription
  • RealMedia Transcription
  • RealAudio Transcription
  • Quicktime Transcription

When using WAV, please be sure that the sample rate is at least 22.1 khz and 16bit audio. In general if there is a trade-off between size and quality, choose quality. That said, remember that large digital files can take some time to upload, even with a fast internet connection.

Please don't send uncompressed audio. AIFF and some WAV files are uncompressed. All AIFF files and uncompressed WAV files should be converted to MP3 before upload.

More exotic formats have slightly longer turnaround times as we will have to convert them to something we can use. We do not transcribe directly from DVF. Please convert to WAV on your end and upload the WAV instead.

Note regarding DSS and DVF format:

DSS is a legacy dictation format from the early 80s. Both DSS and DVF are decidedly inferior to more modern recording formats. Unfortunately most digital dictation devices still use this format. We DO NOT recommend it for recording anything other than dictation. If you need to purchase a portable digital recorder please see our WMA Recorder recommendation.