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Transcription from Digital Video formats.

We can transcribe from the following Digital Video formats.

  • H.264 mpeg-4 (mp4)
  • Quicktime MOV file (mov) --> Please use H.264 as the CODEC.
  • Apple iPhone/iPad/iTV - (m4v) -> please use setting suitable for iPhone resolution (320x180)
  • Apple MPEG-4 (mp4 or mov) -- > NOT optimal. Use H.264 instead.
  • Windows Media format (wmv)
  • Real Media (rm or rv)
  • AVI (compressed format only) --> Not optimal. Use WMV instead.

The above formats must be in a compressed and reduced format. We can not transcribe from your uncompressed digital video files.

If necessary, you can submit your hard drive with source footage. We charge additional fees for handling this, including render time. It also increases your turnaround times. Please call to discuss if you want to pursue this option.

Preferred Video Specifications:

Our preferred specifications for digital video are as follows.

H.264 mpeg-4 video with these specifications:

  • 250 kbit/second data rate
  • 320x180 (16:9 aspect ratio) or 320x240 (4:3 aspect ratio) window size
  • 12 fps or 15 fps (1/2 actual rate)
  • single stream format
  • audio channel set to stereo with AAC audio compression at 44.1 or 48.0khz

Our upload application will restricts file size to no more than 800 MB per file. Using the above specifications, 60-minutes of Video will be approximately 160 MB.

Relevant Tutorials

We provide a tutorial for exporting directly from Final Cut Pro. You may be able to apply parts of the tutorial to your own system such as Avid or Premiere, so it's worth a look if you're not sure how to do it.

You can also recompress existing files using this Quicktime Tutorial.

Additional Information

If your digital video is already recorded and not at our exact specifications, don't worry, we can probably handle it anyway. Give us a call.

Please name your file in some unique way. For example: 2011-10-01_Jane_interview.mp4, Tape_2_John_Doe_Lecture.mp4 or, etc.

Once you have your files prepared, login to the client area and upload the files on the main page. To get a login and password, sign up for an account.