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Using Audio Cassettes for Transcription

The most important thing to know is that we bill each side of an audio cassette as a separate transcript. Thus if you have 60 minutes of audio, but it's on an audio cassette with 30 minutes per side, you will be billed for two transcripts at the 30-minute rate.

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Recommended Usage:

We do not recommend audio cassettes for focus group. If possible, video tape your focus groups and submit a VHS tape or DVD. (It is extremely difficult to tell people apart when you can only hear the voices and not see the faces. Video taped focus groups almost always produce higher quality transcripts.)

We highly recommend the use of an external microphone with all consumer audio cassette recorders. See our recording tutorial for more information.

Do not 'reuse' your cassettes. If you submit audio on a cassette that is recording over an old piece of audio, you run the risk of us transcribing both the new and the old audio. You will be billed for everything we transcribe. We assume that if it's on your tape, you want it transcribed.