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One-on-One Interview Transcription Services

A One-on-One interview is one person interviewing another person in-person (e.g. a sit-down interview). The interviewee's responses are transcribed verbatim. The interviewer's questions are paraphrased for clarity.

We provide two types of verbatim transcripts for One-on-One Interviews.

  • Clean Verbatim - the content of the interviewee's responses are verbatim, but we omit the non-verbal utterance such as 'uh..' and 'uhm..', 'double- doubled' words and 'st-st-stutters'. We transcribe transcripts this way by default.
  • True Verbatim - the 'uhms and uhs', 'stu-stutters' and other non-verbal utterances of the interviewee are transcribed. We transcribe a representative number of such utterances. For instance if somebody says "I uh.. uh.. uh.. ate dinner" it would be transcribed as "I uh.. ate dinner." If you need True Verbatim, it must be requested on the order. To do so indicate you would like "True Verbatim" in the file notes during upload.

True Verbatim is not avaialbe on poorly recorded audio or audio with excessive background noise.

Note for TV & Film Clients: For finished, edited shows see TV 'as broadcast' or Film Continuity

Time coding is available as an option if your materials are submitted on DVD, digital video files, or VHS with a visible timecode window burn (BITC). We can also accept audio files with audible SMPTE timecode on one of the channels.

Type-1 Pricing
2 Days (huh?)
Type-1$1.55/minute of audio
Add-On Services
Timecode (+1 day huh?)+$0.45/minute
True Verbatim (huh?)+$0.20/minute
Next Day Rush (huh?)80% additional
Minimum per transcript: $5 for uploaded files/ $20 for physical media.

Type 1 materials are typically produced by film or television crews using professional recording techniques and have the following characteristics.

  • one-on-one interviews only
  • professionally recorded and duplicated.
  • quiet environment. No background noise of any kind.
  • native-English speaking interviewees (Standard American Dialect.)
  • > 22khz sample rate for digital files.

Note: If you want the questions transcribed verbatim instead of paraphrased or need all the crew talk transcribed as well, Type-2 pricing applies

Type-2 Pricing
3 Days (huh?)
Type-2$2.05/minute of audio
Add-On Services
Timecode (+1 day huh?)+$0.45/minute
True Verbatim (huh?)+$0.35/minute
Next Day Rush (huh?)80% additional
Minimum per transcript: $5 for uploaded files/ $20 for physical media.

Type 2 pricing applies to all other One-on-One interviews including audio that has any of these characteristics:

  • Two people being interviewed simultaneously.
    (more than 2 people see Multi-Person Interview)
  • Accents (British, foreign, heavy regional, or otherwise.)
  • Poor sound quality (tape or environment).
  • Interviewer materially louder than Interviewee.
  • Background Noise (office noise, music, etc.)
  • Interview conducted on the move.
  • Materials of a highly technical nature.
  • Recordings on Microcassette.
  • Low quality digital files.
  • Phone Interviews (see Phone Calls)
  • Most interviews conducted outdoors
  • There is not a formal interview format.

Excessive Noise: Type 2 files with excessive noise in the background will be assessed an additional fee of $0.50 per minute of audio. Almost all interviews conducted in resturants will have the Excessive Noise fee applied.

In general, if we have to fix your audio in any way due to sound quality, then Type-2 pricing will apply.

Notes on Audio Formats for One-on-One Interviews: