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Rush Transcription Services

Next Day Rush service is available as a 80% markup. We aim to deliver most rush files before 12:00 PM Pacific the next business day.

For example, if you want a "Rushed Type-1 file with Timecode" it would be:

($1.55/minute base transcription charge + $0.45 timecode add-on) * 1.80 = $3.60/minute of audio.

Cut-off Times

All times referenced on this site are Pacific/Los Angeles time zone.

Our cutoff time for Rush service is 2:30 PM Pacific/Los Angeles time zone for Physical Files (tapes, DVDs, etc) and 3:30 PM for uploaded files.

Service Guarantees and limitations

Rush work is guaranteed by the next business day before noon or 24 hours after it is logged in our system, whichever is greater, or we waive the rush fee. The normal charges for transcription still apply.

This applies only to files less than 2 hours in length, files longer than this will be completed on or before the end of that next business day or 24 hours, whichever is greater.


  • A file is uploaded at 2:00 PM Pacific and is 30 minutes long. We would aim to have this back to you by 12 PM Pacific the next business day, but up to as long as 2:00 PM the next day if necessary.
  • A file is uploaded at 9:30 AM Pacific, it would be due by 12:00 PM Pacific the next business day, not 9:30 AM
  • A 180 minute files is uploaded by 10 AM Pacific, we would have this done 'sometime' the next day before close of business.

Please keep in mind that each transcript is a unique item, not a widget, so we can not predict with exact precision when it will be done. Overall, we aim to always get rush work to you as soon as humanly possible.

We are only able to rush so much material per day. If you have more than 5 hours of Rush material you must contact us in advance for this Guarantee to be valid. Generally speaking, the later in the day it is that you send material to us, the less we'll be able to rush overnight as other clients will probably have booked that space.